General Visa Consultancy (One Stop Shop)


General Visa Consultancy (One Stop Shop)

Obtaining a visa to any country is riddled with confusing and complex problems. Get expert guidance form embassy trained immigration counselors on all visa formalities, laws and processes. We provide visa assistance for UK, USA, Canada, all African and European countries, and much more.
We will listen to your concerns, seek to understand your needs, assess your options and help to develop an appropriate plan or solution to meet your goals. With our firm’s “virtual office” capabilities, we can serve you whenever and wherever you need us.

Our associated law firm, Idowu Odubanjo & Associates (Solicitors, Advocates & Real Estate Consultants), will provide legal advice and assistance for your personal and business decisions where required.
General Visa Consultancy (One Stop Shop)

Obtain a visa to any country today.

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