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Study Abroad

We facilitate the admission and travelling processes for Nigerian and African students applying to schools, colleges and universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Ukraine and other parts of the world.
The operation of IAVES is on a network basis, connecting applicants with various types of educational institutions who give our clients priority of admission at undergraduate and post graduate levels. IAVES will place you in the program and school of your choice, considering your budget and personal and social aspirations.

As part of our job, we will take care of the admission applications, as well as preparing you for visa and pre-departure orientation. On arrival, our representatives will welcome you, and ensure you settle down quickly for your studies. With IAVES dreams are been achieved at a maximum peace of mind.
Study Abroad

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On a mission to provide the highest quality Educational and Vacation services available anywhere, and to be an instrumental part of each client’s/Applicant’s success.